5 Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Are you an insurance agent who’s heard about social media and don’t know where to start?  The three big social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Each site has a different purpose and audience but there are some best practices that you can use on all of them.  Here are some quick tips to help improve your branding, gain connections and build your online presence.

Have a complete profile

It doesn’t matter which sites you are using but an incomplete profile makes you seem less trustworthy than one that is complete.  You want to build credibility so make sure that you’ve taken the time to complete your whole profile.

Use a Professional Photo

There are a lot of people that will not connect with you if you don’t have a photo on your profile.  Use a professional image and not one that you’ve cropped from a family outing.  Try to use the same photo across sites to build brand continuity.


Cross promote your social media profiles in your business cards, email signature, presentations, mailers, monthly newsletters etc.  You want to drive traffic to your social media profiles, connect to your audience to build your credibility and stay top of mind so next time they are looking to purchase the services you provide they think of you first.

Engage your Audience

You want your audience to interact with you.  Ask open ended questions and let them leave a response on your page.  Provide relevant information that they can easily share with their followers.

Don’t always Sell

The point of social media is to connect to your audience and build your credibility.  You will turn off your followers if all you do is sell.  It’s alright to sell them occasionally but if every single post is pushing for a sale you will see people stop following you.  Work hard to build rapport with your audience so that when they’re ready to buy, they will come to you.

What’s your best tip for building an audience?  We’d love to hear your answer.


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