Why should I Automate?

Technology has changed the way we all do business.  Things we used to do in the past that took a lot of time, can now be set up once and maintained with minimal effort.  You can automate your blog with WordPress and plug-ins.  You can use your blog to market and increase your exposure,  build credibility and build your email list.   You can use autoresponders from Aweber to set up a series of emails to go out to possible leads, keep in contact with your current client to stay at the top of their mind.  You can automate your social media with software like Hootsuite to update your social media profiles.  Your social media sites are used to build rapport, strengthen relationships and prospect by people sharing your updates.     Automating can help you minimize your efforts, maximize your results.

What I hope you learn

I hope when you visit this site you are learning about new ways to use automation to leverage your time.  When you automate some of your daily tasks it will allow you more time to focus on growing your practice.   Getting up and running with automation will take some time but once set up, there is minimal effort to maintain your system.

My Story

Professional Background

Mike Needham BusinessI’m Mike Needham, the founder of AutomateMyAgency.com.  I’ve been involved in the financial services industry since 1997.  I started working for a mutual fund company, first in a customer service capacity and then moving into a training position.  As a trainer I built internal websites and developed web based training for new hires.  I also assisted in training Series 6 classes as well and technology and mutual fund basics.  The training job eventually gave me exposure to move into the database marketing group where I became a business analyst.  As a business analyst, I got to work with the wholesalers and was interested in moving into that side of the business but didn’t have sales experience to get there.  When the market crashed in the early 2000’s I got the chance to get those sales skills as the whole division I worked for was laid off.

After getting some sales experience, I landed a job with an insurance company as an internal annuity wholesaler.  I got the chance to work with a diverse group of insurance agents and financial advisors.  By working with them, I learned how they ran their practices, what they were doing to market, create prospects and drive their sales higher.   Eventually I landed a job as an external wholesaler and got to meet with advisors face to face as opposed to only talking with them on the phone.

If you’re a financial professional or insurance agent, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Personal Background

Mike Needham at the summit of Mt Borah

I’m a preachers kid who has moved all over the United States.  I’m lucky that I have had the chance to live in Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, California, Colorado (again) and Idaho.  I’m a fan of the great outdoors and have hiked many high peaks in both Colorado and Idaho.  I’m the founder of the meetup.com hiking group Boise Trail Heads.  I met my wife after moving to Boise on hikes she would lead.  We married in August 2011.  We enjoy the great outdoors, being active and traveling.

My step son is in Boy Scouts and I try to make as many activities of his that I can.  He is in a dual language elementary school and we are proud that he does so well academically.

Mike Needham family

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