I know most of these blogs start with a Hello World post that’s pre-populated when you first start your site.  I’ll kick off my AutomateMyAgency blogging career with the same Hello World!  Let me introduce myself,   I’m Mike Needham the founder of Automate My Agency.  I’ve working in the financial services industry since 1997 across a wide spectrum of fields.  I’ve been involved in customer service, sales and marketing, training, technology, web development, business analysis and probably other areas that I don’t remember.  I’ve always been drawn to the technological aspects and love to automate and systematize.  This blog will share tips that I use and have come across to help you become more effective in running your practice whether you’re a financial advisor or an insurance agent.  I’ll also post random things I run across that I think might help you increase your business.  These things might relate to practice management, time management, social media, personal development, web development, helpful books, blogs, podcasts, apps or articles, how to tips or other things that catch my eye.


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