Run a Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Do you run a needs analysis or estimate the amount of life insurance your clients need?  If so, congratulations, you are helping your clients and distinguishing yourself from your competition.  The majority of agents skip over this part and don’t probe deeper when a client requests to buy life insurance.  Most people are under-insured and would benefit from higher coverage.  You don’t want to have to explain to the family after a death why the covered didn’t leave enough to cover the mortgage, college  or other debts since you were the expert that helped them.  This short video will walk you through how to use the One E-system to calculate the amount of coverage a client needs.  Take the extra few minutes and do right by you and your clients.

If you are an independent  insurance agent and are looking for a forward looking, technologically advanced GA.  Please contact me to set up your own marketing machine.

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