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Are you in the internet dark ages?I’ve been on the internet since 1994 and it amazes me that I still get questions from agents and advisors about “Why do I need a website”?  Most insurance agents see a website as a digital extension of their business card.  If they have a website at all, they set it up and forget about it.  A website can be so much more than your digital calling card.  You can use your website to generate leads, build relationships, create rapport and educate your clients and prospects.

Generate Leads

This is probably the biggest reason to have a website, to create your own leads for free.  How do you create free leads from your website?  I’ll be going over how to capture leads in future posts but just to foreshadow some of that content, you create a “freemium” (free + premium) give away in exchange for contact information.  The freemium can be a white paper, video or e-mail education course but it needs to be worth the effort to give up their email address to you.

Build Rapport and Relationships

With your website and blog, you can let your personality shine through.  Your prospects and clients can come to find out about you and not just the products and carriers you represents. This also build the rapport you need to strengthen the relationship between you and your clients.


Use your site as a way to give good information to your prospects and clients.  Do you have questions that you get asked over and over again?  Create a Frequently Asked Questions page to address those inquiries.  You can provide other information to help clients self educate them on your products.  You can create videos explaining concepts or build links to other sites with good information.  By you taking the time to educate your market, you are endearing them to purchase from you.


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